Building custom forms & user specific values

I am recently switching between having

  • user specific columns on the row that determine what custom form is to be opened

to having

  • user specific columns only on the user profile table/row that determine what form and components to show

reason include

  • I don’t feeling comfortable with user specific data on large tables in every row if not really necessary until we get more insights on every user’s data size etc…
  • its seems simpler

are there any disadvantages to this change? or is it no difference or possibly an advantage?

Without knowing exactly what your data structure is, I don’t think there are any huge advantages or disadvantages in doing that. Personally I use one-line tables to help with creating custom forms, since I don’t want those columns to be in the User Profiles table (too many to manage).

I’m not likely to use those values for any other cases other than adding a row, so I don’t need to access it as a user profiles column.


This :point_up:

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