BUG? with SORT in features

Hello, I have a problem that I think may be a bug or my head from Sunday morning, in my app I have set the sheet users as the landing page, with the layout details then individualized content appeared according to the user, now only the data of the first line, seeing the configuration in features, appears in sort “Sort by sheet order”, an option that I don’t remember ever having activated and the strangest thing of all, that’s why I suppose it is a bug, although it allows me to change the column no It gives me the option to delete the option since I am not interested in any sort option because all the data is from the user’s row.


Sort by sheet order is the default sort order. Do you have a filter set by signed in user, or row owners set?

All components displaying individual user data are with visibility user sign in user

You need to set the filter instead. By default, only the first row in a sheet is shown. That first row could vary depending on sort order or filtering. Sort really shouldn’t matter though since you are only viewing one row. However, if you are using visibility to control components by signed in user, it will only work if the first row contains the same email as the signed in user. You should not need to use visibility in this way and should be setting the filter instead.