Bug in progress bar

At random moments, the progress bar widget displays just the background layer and not the progress bar data layer itself. The result: you’re stuck with a graph showing the opposite of the actual amount. This happens for both the Circle or Half Circle styles – the regular bar does always work like intended.

I’m attaching three screenshots where you can see the difference between the half / circle chart (buggy) and the bar chart (correct) for a percentage of 34.77%. I will also try to upload a video where I switch between the different styles in the editor so you can more clearly see the issue of the data layer that actually “flashes” briefly, before it disappears.

A. Half Circle style (Bug)

B. Circle style (Bug)

C. Bar style (correct)

P.S. Please also note that:

  1. the data for the progress bar actually does come through correctly in the label,
  2. this issue happens anywhere (editor in browser, but also when viewing on my iPhone) and
  3. this bug is somehow not happening all the time (or for all numbers?). For example, last night the half circle bar displayed fine.
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