Browser detection function

As I was able to see thanks to a beta testing that I am doing on my first APP, the “Image Picker” component works well only when a Safari browser on ios or Chrome in Android is in use. Furthermore, the functionality of adding the APP icon in the system is also subordinate to the browser in use.
From how I later read in the discussions of these issues, I realized that there is very little that can be done to solve.
So I’m wondering what, at least, could be the way to put the user in the right direction, to avoid them saying “Hey! I can’t load my profile picture in your App!”.
For this problem, I would like to be able to automatically understand which browser is in use on the user’s device; so I could automatically use a “File Picker” instead of an “Image Picker” when the browser is not Chrome on Android or Safari on ios.
Furthermore, I could give other instructions to the user to convince him to use a browser that is 100% compatible with the APP.
So the question I ask is: did any of you manage to automatically detect the browser in use on the device? Would it be possible to inject some javascript code and retrieve info to use as an APP behavior variable?
And, while we’re on the subject … Are there other components in Glide whose operation is dependent on the browser used on the device?

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Hi @Roldy

  • I could me mistaken, but other than mobile/tablet/desktop mode, I don’t think there is any way to natively in the builder identify technical specifications on the user’s side (OS, device, screen resolution, etc.).
  • When there might be an issue related to the the browser (the image picker for instance), have you considered adding a note such as “Android and iOS users only.”?
  • If you created an onboarding flow, you could also gather OS information from the user, and based on the information, adapt the following screens?

If only we had the possibility of having a component that returns the user agent, it would not be difficult to do a parsing to understand exactly which device the application is hosting with. @Mark Will it be possible to have it?

Yes, but I always look for a simplified user experience in the APPs; moreover it must be considered that many mobile users do not even know the type of browser that is installed in their mobile :slight_smile:
Anyway, thank you very much for considering this topic! Have a nice day @nathanaelb

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Would the user agent part against any data privacy rules?

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Yes, probably. However if we have a user agreement to be read at login we would be fine.

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@Roldy your request is similar to a feature request where the OS information could be accessed.

You we welcome to vote for it


Surely I vote. Thanks

You basically want to do browser fingerprinting, sneaky you :sweat_smile:

I don’t know what GDPR has to say about it.

From cookies and pixels to fingerprints, here we come :see_no_evil:

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