Bottom menu bar per screen?

Is it possible to change the contents of the bottom menu bar per app screen/page? Sorry, it’s early in my description is not the best at the moment.

For example, if I were to go into a single contact the bottom menu would show items relevant to a contact record rather than global navigation.


At present, in order to perform contact specific tasks, I have buttons on the contact details screen. I would like to add these to the menu bar instead.

Why do you want to do so in the menu bar instead of using buttons on that same details screen?

I would also warn you that clicking on a tab won’t trigger any actions, if you want to replace buttons with them.

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Thanks for your reply. While you didn’t answer my question, I guess in a roundabout way you told me is not possible.

I want the menu buttons to be contextually relevant to the screen I’m on - Because of personal choice.

It can be possible, but you would have to be careful not to back yourself in a corner. Basically everything would rely on custom actions to first set a value in the user profile that can be used for tab visibility, followed by another action, such as View Details.


Post#4 is missing sir

@18_acres I see it. it’s right above your comment.

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