Body format for POST method use Glide Call API form-data format

Hello, Gliders
I have data that I will send using the Glide call API action with the POST method. However, the recipient API only accepts body data in form-data format, just like in the Postman application. What is the data format used in the body column in the Glide Call API to send data with a form-data format like the Postman application?

Do you only need to send key value pairs over or do you need to send a file?

Thank you for responding, I only sent data, not files.

But while waiting for an answer in the glide community, I tried asking Chat GPT :grin:

and I got a response like this

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


How to make body like that on Glide?

Try sending each of the above as separate Query String parameters. Something like this:

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Sorry, Its not working

but I get Information from Documentation like this

Is there a way to create a body like the template described in the documentation?

Finally I found a way, namely using “Get Part of URL Column”.

First I had to create a dummy url in the “Cunstruct URL Column” then use the Query parameters to determine the attributes and their values.

Second, use “Get Part of URL Column” and set the part at the bottom filled with the text “search”. This will take the appropriate parameters to be used as the body for the API request.

Use the “template” column to remove question marks.

Very grateful. :relieved:

What do you mean by “dummy URL” here?

My point about “dummy” is that it only fills in the blanks in the host and path fields, and only uses the parameter query fields.

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