Bo -- Let's Glide

Hey all,

I’m Bo. I’m a full time SWE by day and bullish on no (low) code by night. I love the way Glide has been able for me to solve problems for partners and build tools fast.

I’m currently building a development studio (I’ll share when site is ready) focusing on Framer sites, Glide apps, and Automations. I plan to go for the Glide Experts program soon so any tips would be appreciated.

Apart from all this, I love fitness, anime, and spending time with my family. Cheers.


Welcome to the community! Feel free to ask questions and we’ll try our best to help.

Welcome #Glidefam! Let started here~

  1. Glide University
  2. Glide Community Forum
  3. Glide Certified Expert

Also my Personal fav #Glidefam