Blurry icon

Icon is blurry when adding to the home screen.

I’m looking to launch the app soon, it would be great to have this resolved.

That’s not the actual icon, I changed it to one of the symbols available to see unfitness still happening

We have located the source of the issue. The change that caused the problem has been fixed. If you are currently experiencing blurry icons you will need to change your icon and change it back to force a manifest file update. The issue was only in the wild for a short while so the number of affected people is very minimal.

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I have a question, this suddenly occurred on many of the PNGs associated inside my app.
Do I need to re-upload each PNG that is blurry and it will fix itself?

Can you show me your app?
I apologize, it’s a public w/ email login.
PNGs look fine on computer editor, on two phones I tested, PNGs look blurry.

which phones did you test on?

Two Samsung Note 9s.
Now, I am logging in via a Samsung Note 8.
The app was already installed for the Note 9s.
For the Note 8, first login, still blurry.

The blurry images seem to be associated to the PNG urls I put into “IF” columns.

I am looking into the issue now.

Can you please give me the link to one of the fuzzy images? Can you also please go to this link on your phone and tell me what the popup says?


This photo looks good via link.
In-app, it’s blurry.

On the two Samsung Note 9s, it says 4.
On the one Samsung Note 8, it says 3.

Were you able to see the problem too?
In the tab near the exclamation mark, the Japanese says 会員.
You can use random digits for the User ID & phone number.
With the way the app can be structured, I tried to make an English/Japanese/Viet version, although the primary audience is Japanese.

Thank you so much that revealed the problem, it will be fixed very soon!

The fix has been deployed, you should see your images restored to their full glory in about 25 to 30 minutes

Wow, as you say, it’s been fixed!
Thank you!

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