Bluetooth BLE Beacon

I’m new to Glide (and loving it), so please allow me to post a dumb question.

I am envisioning a Glideapp that allows me to discover BLE beacons and associate them with locations/metadata.

Is this completely out of scope for Glideapps?

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Would be absolutely great for indoor geolocation yes, but… Maybe with Glide interacting with another framework, not sure at all…

No, this is not something that’s possible with Glide.

Thanks for weighing in on this. I realize that is isn’t currently possible.

Perhaps I should have framed the question more broadly. While it would be fantastic to have a component that can read the advertising payloads of a BLE device, I recognize that may be a ways off on the Glide roadmap.

More generally I am imagining a component framework that permits calls to third party libraries. A component that allows me to bind from Glide to third-party libraries. Such a framework would accelerate Glide past Adalo and all of the other no-code app builders.

Empowering users to develop their own components would be a gamechanger and a force multiplier.


Yep. Interfacing with external libraries / components is next to impossible for frameworks running at web app on phones. It generally leads to instability and increased complexity. Other architectural alternatives should be thoroughly checked.

Lack of the native footprint is why many people say no-code builders can never be viable for most requirements. So you can’t have it all - because you’re not writing much code.