Black screen display for app installation from Chrome - Windows 7

In the last two weeks, I have received black screen complaints from many users who install apps via Google chrome from windows 7. Maybe someone is facing the same issue and how to solve it, please.

Hi @Himaladin :wave: :wave:

I’m also using Windows 7. But I downloaded my app for check in this computer and it’s working good. No Blank Screens :blush: @Himaladin if you don’t mind send me the app link and I will test with my computer :innocent: And you can Submit a request too :+1:

Thank you :innocent:

This is not problematic if installed from another browser. This also happens to users with pre-installed apps, all google chrome users. Glad to hear you didn’t have the same experience which means it’s not a global issue. My app is private limit access, maybe I need to find another computer to check it.
Thank you for your kindness.

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Your welcome @Himaladin :blush:

I hope it will work @Himaladin :innocent:

Thank you :+1:

Does the blank screen is coming on other computers expect Windows 7 @Himaladin ?

The others don’t matter. This only happens on Google chrome with the Windows 7 platform.

Ohh @Himaladin :neutral_face:

But for me no black screens. If you can @Himaladin can you send me the app link to see with my Windows 7? :neutral_face:

So Black screen is like when the user download and opens the app that user can see only that Black screen? :neutral_face: