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Hello, I need to know some way to put an email on a blacklist, in case of performing rude actions either in the chat or not complying with the use of the app. In such a way that you can no longer access with that email account. And in what way could it display a message with the detail of “user blocked” or something similar. Thank you very much for the help.


Maybe :thinking:

Thanks for your answer Rosewebstudio but apparently this only deletes the current data and in that case the user could re-register. Is that so?

That’s always a risk, they could also use another email address and sneak back in.

Maybe there is a better solution, that was just my initial though to get rid of an unwanted user, I know what a pain it can be…

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I do believe that it would be necessary later to have that option in some way, it could reduce the malicious intentions that enter for other purposes. Thank you very much for your help.

A Private Pro app would allow you to whitelist only certain users to access the app, but I’m guessing that’s not what you want. My only thought would be to create a blacklist sheet, set up Relations and Lookups to it, then filter content so they can’t see it in the app by checking to see that the signed in user is not included in that list. Another option would be to add a true/false blacklist column in your user profile sheet. Then hide or show tabs based on that column value.

None of this will guarantee that they can’t access the underlying data, but it will prevent them from using any functionality in the app.


Hi Jeff good idea that I will do in the meantime I will do it as you say I will leave a blacklist column so that I can only view and not use chat or other functions. Hope Glide will include this black list option later. Thank you so much.

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What if you create a boolean column named blocked and use this to show or hide tabs.

Than you can have a you are blocked tab. Get in touch to talk about that or so…


Jacktools_Net Very good idea.