BigQuery dataset not listed on "Select a BigQuery dataset" window

Hi. I’ve encountered an issue with the BigQuery connection. I have a dataset in my Google Cloud account that I want to use in Glide. When I first connected to my GC account from Glide I could see my dataset and create a table using a query. On the next day the connection was broken and wasn’t able to connect to the dataset because it is not listed anymore in the “Select a BigQuery dataset” window.
Is there a solution to this issue?


Does this warrant a support ticket @SantiagoPerez ?

Hi @ThinhDinh @SantiagoPerez . Can you please provide some help with this issue? I still cannot connect to BigQuery and I cannot find a way to recreate the connection. Do I need to create a support ticket? Not sure how this works, it’s the first time when I ask for help on this forum.


Hi Cristian, if this issue still persists, please get support from within Glide while the app is open by selecting the “?” button at the bottom right. That will bring you to a support page, which currently has an “Open Support Ticket” link.

Thank you @ThinhDinh! Much appreciated!

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