Big Table Q&A

Big Tables have the potential to unlock a vast amount of power for our apps. What ways have you come up with to use a Big Table in your app?.. future plans? Personally I’d like to query a Big Table from another Glide Table (similar to using a filter in GoogleSheets or how BigQuery works in Glide)

Are there any plans to be able to query a Big Table like in the example above☝️? I received this error message when trying to setup a relation. I understand relations aren’t supported yet but it seems to indicate a query is or will be available near future.

Relations are supported, but not to computed columns.


Hola @Eric_Penn

I would use the Limit parameter as a good practice to reduce the amount of data received and improve the response time of SQL queries.

E.g., here the query as soon as it finds the first 20 items will return a valid response and won’t keep searching the entire database which might be over 150k+ records.

SELECT * FROM MyContacts
WHERE age > 25


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