Big Query /Tables and SQL Server

I have a data source with 8,000 companies in it. It is used as the master company database with profile data including logo, web-site, linkedin profile, etc.

This table is mainly used as a lookup to match against the company name from other Glide tables ( creating a full record).

I would like to use SQL Server for this master table and have other Glide tables to do a lookup of columns like logo, etc for greater scalability and consistency.

Reading the below I believe Lookup on Big Tables/Queries/SQL Tables is not supported. Correct?

"The following aggregation features are not currently supported for computed columns in tables from SQL data sources:

  • Rollup column
  • Lookup column
  • Query column
  • Group by
  • Filtering, sorting, and searching
  • Joined List column
  • Relations based on computed columns where the target column is a computed column
  • Lookups of relations with multiple matches"

They are supported, but with limitations.
A lookup of a non-computed column value via a single relation works perfectly fine, for example.