Big Numbers to show this month numbers

Hi, I am creating an expenses app, and I want the first page to show the sum of this month’s spending. Can I ask how I can do it, please?

  • Create a math column using the following formula:
Year(Date) * 100 + Month(Date)
  • Replace Date with the current date/time (Now) value
  • In your Spending table, create a similar math column, but replace Date with the date of the expense.
  • Create a Query column that targets you spending table, and filter where YearMonth (second math column) is This row->YearMonth (first math column)
  • Create a rollup column that targets the query column, and select sum.

Yes, I made it! Thanks a lot, Darren!

oh, that’s my mistake, sorry.
The math column returns a number, so the correct comparison operator in the Query column is “equals”.

It should show up - can you show me a screen shot please?


A follow-up question, is it possible to create a chart to only show this month’s spending, please? As I found that the chart can’t show the data from the Query column, except numbers.

Try setting your Spending table as the source of the Chart, and then use the math column as a filter (where the Spending row YearMonth equals the current YearMonth).


Yes, got it! Thanks a lot!

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