How can I show the total Sum of a "Category" for a given month?

I’m building an expense tracking app that shows the user its daily cashflow or balance. The image below shows a Calendar view with each day’s daily balance.

Below is the input form to add a “Movement” - a transaction, either an “Expense” or an “Income”.

The last input field “Categoría” allows users to add a “Category” to that “Movement” (eg. “Rent”, “Leisure”, etc).

My challenge

→ How can I show the total Sum of a “Category” for a given month?

If your Query columns are already set up correctly, then all you need is a Rollup column to sum the amounts from each query.


I see you’re using month-by-month queries at the end of your Categories table. Wouldn’t it be an option to have a table like this:

Category Month Year
Supermercado April 2024
Deporte May 2024

Then do all of your queries under that table, target the Movements table, filter by the category, month, year and signed-in user’s ID/email.

Finally, add a rollup to sum the amount of expense for the signed-in user, by category, by month.


I think you are into something.

Because I want to see my categories historically.

Specifically, I want to see category distribution by month.

Yeah, then you can try my suggestion to see if it works for your use case. It consumes rows, but you can use it dynamically for different users.