Expense Recorder to show daily records and total amount spent on that day

Hello Gliders, thanks for all the previous support. I checked past topics but none of them were able to help me out. I’m trying to create an expense-tracking app. I have a sheet where users can fill in the date, title, and amount for that expense. But what I’m trying to do is be able to group the rows by dates.

For instance, if a team fills in multiple expenses made on June 5th, 2024 then I’m able to group the records under that date and display it in the layout also I’d want to be able to get the total amount of expenses on that day.

I tried using the template column to combine some rows and present it in Kanbas layout then grouped it by date but it’s not showing all the records made on a date also I’m not able to calculate the total of the expenses made on that day and present it.

I’ve been here for two days now watching tons of videos but can’t get it, and I’d appreciate your help.

  • Create a “date value” math column with the formula being: YEAR(D)*10^4+MONTH(D)*10^2+DAY(D) with D being the date of the record. You would get 20240606 for today, for an example.

  • Use a query that targets the same expenses table, filtered by “date value” is this row > “date value”.

  • Rollup to get the total expense from that query.

  • Use a template column to combine the actual prettified date (from your original date column) and the rollup.

  • Group the Kanban column by that template.

Hi, thank you for the response. I got the math column but I didn’t quite get the query column. I know I’m making a mistake from somewhere so please check the image. Thank you.

Update I used the relation column to link the data values to itself… then I used a rollup column and proceeded with ThinhDinh response

Thanks ThinhDinh
(I got help from Aleksey Smolokovskiy on the Loqoders group for this part)


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