Best way to present read-only data to end-users

I am using a detail screen from an in-line list and I do not want anyone to be able to edit the data unless they go to an edit screen.

Is there a way or a best practice on how to display data that is read-only. What I really want an option flag for the component so it can be viewed only and not changed!

For example, I have a boolean that shows up as a nice switch BUT the end-user can change this. I want it display only (as well as other fields).

Am I missing something?


OK - LITERALLY the only component I didn’t try was ‘Table’ (which I am now testing) which gives me an ugly but read-only view of the data.

Any other options??

You can build your own tables using a bit of Markdown or HTML in a template column, and then display it using a Rich Text component.

Here are a few examples:


I would prefer a read-only switch under options but this is a really good way and fits with the ‘Glide way’ of using rows as a means of storing display options like with templates. I use them for creating captions for card lists, etc.

Thanks for another tip!

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