Create Drop Down List


Is there a way I can create a drop-down for a set of columns?
My example is seen in hours of operation. Instead of having them all listed out, a drop-down list would be nice. Thanks!



Quick thought - How about using a show/hide switch.

If true = show else hide


Something like this?


That’s what I’ve done in the past, then add a basic table with the info. Although @ThinhDinhlooks neat

Oh yes! That would work perfectly.

Oh, so the switch would be titled ‘Show Hours’ or the like?

@ThinhDinh you are not making these in glide correct?

It’s just Details and Summary html tags in a Rich Text component.

Thats what I thought you were doing. I was thinking I might of missed a new feature.

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Not sure I get what you mean there…

I was just trying to replicate what @ThinhDinh had done using a combination of Action Text + Rich Text components.

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 1.43.16 AM

It works, but because I’m using Action Text for the toggle, I can’t get rid of the arrow indicator on the right.
Is there a better way to do this? (I know I could probably use some CSS to get rid of it, but trying to avoid that)

It’s entirely within a Rich Text component.

Like this.

Summary Goes Here ...this is hidden, collapsable content...
 <summary>Summary Goes Here</summary>
 ...this is hidden, collapsable content...

It’s HTML, which is technically not allowed, but I feel it’s pretty safe.


oh, right… duh!

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@Jen_NYCP you got it :wink:

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If you still wanted to experiment with your method, I do stuff like that with a self multiple relation and an inline list in the Cards layout. The action on the list item sets a column value that determines visibility in the following list.


When I tap on it, the sort order of the following list changes by hiding one list and showing another.


The ‘Log History’ and ‘Sort Date’ are contained within an inline list Card.


Nice, thanks. I’ll have a play with that.

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How do I pull data into that? The hours are already listed in columns on a sheet.

I think the HTML Gurus of Glide should make a Topic showing some great HTML usage and design. I will be honest, HTML isn’t my strong suit. I would like to be better at it.


You can build the entire thing in a template column and display the template column in a rich text component.

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I was just thinking about this as well as having columns predetermind and use if then else to change them accordingly. What are some other html uses you have implemented Jeff?

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I was using CSS for floating buttons, but got rid of that now that we have native floating buttons. In the past I have done minor text color changes with CSS and/or Font tags. My biggest use of html is for building dynamic html tables. I just could not get tables to look good using markdown only, so I had to resort to building them in html combined with CSS to build the border and alternating greybar.

Other than that, I’ll play around with a few CSS tricks, but for the most part I try to do as much as I can using the native Glide functionality.