Best Practice - How to Duplicate Multiple Rows?

Hello Glide Community,

I’m seeking advice on the most efficient method for simultaneously duplicating several rows (or records) in Glide. I’m particularly interested in cases where a parent database is linked to multiple child data records. My goal is to duplicate both the parent record and all its corresponding child records in one go. Creating a copy of both the parent record and a copy of all the child records.

Could anyone guide me on how to achieve this?

Do you have access to the Glide API? I think this would be doable either with a Call API action (and a structure to generate the API call’s body), or a scenario.

Perhaps this method can help you with this: Using Call API and Glide API to add rows to related tables. Also...JSON Object!

In it I’m using Call API and Glide API to create a parent record and a number of related records with one action.