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:mage: does that hat ever take out rabbits?

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I would be grateful for a hint.
How to place the first button in the upper right corner, and leave the second at the bottom

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try this:

.fab-target :nth-child(1) >{

did not work

In fact, I have three buttons.
1 and 2 are displayed alternately depending on the selection condition and need to be at the top.
The third must be fixed at the bottom.
Is it possible?
Снимок экрана 2021-01-15 в 12.09.06

remove the character “>”


.fab-target >:nth-child(1) {
position: fixed;
top: 18% !important;
.fab-target >:nth-child(2) {
position: fixed;
top: 26% !important;


Could you use this as a “to-top” button?

I guess it would need some sort of anchor :thinking:

Design do menu inicial de um aplicativo que estou produzindo para a minha escola, com o objetivo de substituir a plataforma antiga que a escola estava utilizando para o EAD.


Love the progress bar at the bottom :smiley:


Muitíssimo obrigado! Se tiverem sugestões… Estou aprendendo cada vez mais com designs de outros usuários.

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I think you and @Lucas_Pires could make a fantastic team! :+1:


I’ve been down that rabbit hole before…

TLDR; It’s possible, kindof…

Thanks @Robert_Petitto

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Floating button to filter button position to make a great advanced filter with inline list.
Can someone try it? ShopVE was designed to facilitate a supplier catalog with complete information to contact them. It is free to all the local community. An easy way to select your preferred supplier with a couple of clicks. Regards, MG

Sounds interesting. Can you elaborate more on the “filter button position”?

Very beautiful design! May I know the CSS you used to outline your components? It makes them look great! In fact I want to make them look like that if possible