Battery Drain?

I have an iPhone 6S that has been experiencing significant battery drain lately. I have updated settings to optimize my battery usage and was wondering: has anyone else experience battery drain with having many Glide apps installed?
I wouldn’t think this the case because it uses my browser (Safari) and doesn’t do much background refreshing to my knowledge but I thought I would ask.

From a backend perspective, would there be any settings I could tweak to prevent battery drain when using Glide Apps?

I’ve never noticed any unusual battery usage. (Moto G6 - Android)

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I have an iPhone 6S and do not believe that Glide is a significant factor in battery drain. It is essentially using the Safari browser to run. I would assume if you have a significant amount of data or a lot of audio; pictures; anything that would be downloading a lot of bandwidth it may be a small factor.

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Your iPhone battery settings will show which apps are draining your battery.

I check that regularly and Safari is typically at the top :sob:

Do you have any other Safari tabs (websites) that might be using excessive battery?