Barcode Scanning 2

I want to make a barcode scanner that scans barcodes that I already put in Glide Tables. So a barcode that is connected to a categorie. So I want it to show a detail screen of the item it’s connected to (in the same row).

The barcode would need to be the deeplink URL. From experience, the link would be too long for a barcode. It’s better suited for a QR code, but Glide doesn’t have a native QR code scanner unfortunately.

Ik wasn’t even talking about QR-Codes :joy::joy::joy:

@Julian_Schoonhoven I use the barcode scanner a lot for a few of my apps.

One thing to consider is the plan you are on and limitation of scans per month.

How I get the scanning right is I create an empty Glide Table with 2 columns. The first column is a text column, it must be User Specific. The second column will be a relation from column 1 to the table and column where your barcodes are stored.

Create the button for Scan Barcode, and in the actions add Show Detail Screen → This item. (Your page needs to be built on the Glide Table where the barcode is scanning into for this to work.

I don’t know if that helps at all, but that is what I do