Barcode scanner : Automatically open with Front Camera

How to use the scanner with the main camera? NOT FRONT Camera!!

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Describe the bug:
I just tried to use the Barcode feature for the first time. I followed the instruction from the official tutorial video about barcodes and created the function on my test app. (Here is the video link Glide University)

Then I opened my test app on my smartphone and tried to use the scanner. It automatically opened with the front camera. And there was no switching camera button or icon on my screen.

I tried several times, but it occur the same thing… How can I fix this situation??

Expected behavior:

  • Open the main camera on a smartphone for scanning barcodes.

That’s not normal. I just tried on my device and it opened the rear camera as expected. What kind of device do you have and what OS version are you running? Also, which browser and version?

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Thank you for checking this and taking your time.

I’m testing it with this condition.

  1. Device Galaxy A41
  2. OS: Android 12
  3. Browser: Chrome 108.05359.79

I installed the app and tried that, but it was same…

— Add new report! —
I tried that with another smartphone now, and it functioned correctly!!
It was Google Pixel.

Probably, my bug occurred because of my smartphone’s condition…?? I don’t know but I could make sure that my setting for scanning the barcode was correct.

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Yeah, I’m guessing there is something specific to that phone. I tried doing a google search to see if I could find any information regarding the wrong camera being used by the browser, but didn’t really find anything. I’m guessing it’s not a common issue.

Yes, I tried it with a different smartphone again, and it was okay.

Thank you so much for helping me!! Because you told me you could open it successfully, I could doubt my smartphone. Thanks a lot!!!

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