Barcode reader is not working

Barcode reader is not working.

I have created an app that has a table of product listings and searches for products based on the information read by the barcode.
When I publish the app and open it for the first time, it works, but once I close the app and restarting it a second time,
it only shows a gray screen when I press the barcode read button.

The APP itself is running, but only the barcode reader does not work.

What I have tried according to Troubleshooting

  1. Camera permissions are enabled for the app.

  2. Try clearing the app’s cache and data and it becomes usable, but once the app is restarted, it becomes unusable again.

  3. Issue with the camera activating and displaying a gray screen, not an issue with the barcode type being compatible.

  4. Same problem on another device.

I would appreciate any help as there was no solution in past topics.

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I also had some issue with barcode reader yesterday