Bad Data Editor performance

I am not sure if my issue is from my end or the Data Editor. I have only about 5Mbps connection speed. When I type into the Data editor and say choose a number column, Glide makes the column disappear and comes back as a text column. When I put in other columns such as an ITE, they will freak out and disappear as well and come back sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes I just get the dreaded, spreadsheet could not be saved and lose 15 min of work. Several times a day and I am losing hours of productivity. I am constantly fighting the Data Editor to behaive properly. It has become a all out slog to get work done. I can’t imagine others are having this problem and so I tend to think its something on my end but I don’t know. I am on a Mac running 10.15.7 using Brave Browser at 5Mbps and I am in Venezuela. Maybe its related to one of those aspects. Would be nice to hear of any tips or solutions. Thank you.