Backward compatibility and new plans problems

I have a compatibility problem caused by the new payment plans.
I build an app to muy client with free plan last year, with a webhook pointed to the related gsheet. This webhook are triggering without problems but when I try to add another button with a webhook, this option are missed.

I understand the new plans, where webhook are included in payed plans only but my app was builded before this (horrible) changes of plans

I am very close to loose my client because of this compatibility problem, and I can not build any other app with they because of this issue. I am helping my client to grow up and raise this incomes to pay a PRO plan, but fixed cost are a firewall in the path for small initiatives.

Please, review the backward compatibility


Hi! Glide removed webhooks from the free plan before new pricing model was announced. All instances for previously created webhooks on free plans should continue to work but you can’t create new ones. You should have received an email warning about this upcoming change somewhere in december…


What is the webhook supposed to do?

Call an URL like webservice, not like open a new browser

Hi Nataliya

So, there not fully backward compatibility in the old projects. I understand the change for new ones, but why my old project can not be changed anymore? if I delete a webhook accidentaly there are not CTRL-Z and I loose my client?

I very disagree with this plan changes

Yes I understand but maybe you don’t need the webhook at all or maybe there’s another way… I’d have to know a little bit more detail though.

What did you mean by this

I trigger a webhook in click action of a button. This webhook is an URL published by appscript linked to the google sheet, do something in the sheet and finish, all without any browser or popup, in background.
I don’t know your expertice to see if I am clear

Is the Google Sheet Connected to the app?

Maybe you could just update a cell with the current date time… this cell that app script is watching and then performs xyz…

Or you could deploy your script as a web app… and call it that way… you don’t need a webhook for that😉

Updating a partitular cell is an option, buy with delays, maybe fine or not
How do you trigger a webapp from Glide button in a free plan without a webhook? open an URL directly open the browser, is not an option.
Can you light me?

If the Google sheet is connected try updating the cell.

Make a new sheet with one cell… give it a named range i.e. emailCell

Then update your script…

function sheet_change() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var trigger = ss.getRangeByName('emailCell').getValue();
  if (trigger != '') {
    console.log("Sending EMAIL");

I understand your sample, but there are some delay between the click + update table and the gsheet cell update, seconds or minutes but never instantaneous in a free plan. That is my why I try to use webhooks.
I am using the cell update in another objects with some delay but without problem for the user.
Another delay is between trigger the function in appscript, 1 minute minimun, because doEdit event does not be triggered if the change becomes from Glide, so I need a time trigger.

Anyway Eric, thanks your try, may be helpful for anyone looking for this kind of problem

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Ok just to be clear… you would run my script onChange… it would check every time there is a change in the sheet if the cell is empty or not… Then it calls whatever function you need.

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Hey @jpascuet,

As @Nataliya_Kovaleva mentioned, webhooks were removed last year before we introduced the new plans. If the app is on a legacy free plan, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, or find another workaround.

By the way… are you in the Glide Experts program? If you’re building Glide apps for clients, you should join it.

I follow your idea successfully, thanks a lot!

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Glad it worked for you! Happy Cake Day!!

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