Backgrounds? We have no Backgrounds...until now?

So…boredom led me today to thinking about why I cannot put a damn background in my apps. It always feel like I’m piecing together a make shift background with separators and Progress Bars (Yes I use them as dividers, set the max to ZERO and remove the name). It works as a divider that changes when the theme does. So anyways, I made a quick video with a set of gif images to create a background and animated buttons. It took about 10 minutes to make and I think it will open up the imagination of a lot of Gliders.


ezgif creates gifs, imgonline is used to chop up your background images. Then in Sketchbook (100% free) you take those pieces and add button images to them). Ginifab is used to match the colors of backgrounds for your static images.


That’s really helpful. Thanks.

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Your welcome