Any GIF generators that work with URLs?

Does anyone know of a site/service that can create a gif out of multiple image URLs? I’m looking for something like Cloudinary (URL-based results) that can take two (or more) image URLs and string them together into a gif. It seems like something that should exist but I can find anything!


Hm. If I come across one I’ll let you know—could be useful!


+1 for this. I would love to have this to do a kind of “Featured posts” in the home page.

Not a GIF maker, but a Meme maker here:

Just thought I’d share…looks fun!

I’m still on the hunt!


I build some gifs in there and host from there. I just right click and get address from it.


Right, but does that gif regenerate every time you go to the url?

RIght…I think @kyleheney is looking for a solution that lets you, say, concatenate multiple image links and include that concatenation in the URL to create an animated gif:



no, its maintained the same name. I believe ezgif lists the made gifs elswhere is why.

Exactly. The idea to turn multiple images into gifs on the fly without uploading/accessing another site or service.

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Well…I can’t find one—looks like if we could create one, we’d have zero competitors :wink:


Exactly what I started thinking about!! If only I was more skilled in non-no-code stuff haha!

If there are any programmers out there, I’ll take a small finder’s fee if you create this type of service! :slight_smile:

  • It would be so great if you could move answered posts on frequently asked questions to a sort of FAQ or wiki like environment. There is so much knowledge in a forum like this that is hard to find!

Has anybody ever played with this? I’ve never tried it before.

I was afraid to press that button.


Me too. I’ll create a dummy topic and see what happens.


i havent :wink:

See if you guys can edit my post.

Probably not a wiki in the sense you were thinking though.

I just edited

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I added ‘This is a better version’. It is more a collaborative text than what I was thinking about, indeed.

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