Background image in other screens

I believe there isnt the possibility to have background images in other screens like there is on Sign In, right?

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You’re right.

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Si la e visto en otras plantillas pero no sé cómo se hace

I think there it is still NOT possible.
Can you please show me where can I find those “plantillas”?

Muchas gracias.

No, they simulate a background image with a succession of image, the same way they simulate button with images.

Yes I understand.
So definitely it is a feature request.

What you can do is add images, and have those images as links to your other tabs or sheets.
That way you have a pretty cool UX.

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I don’t understand Portuguese but it look like this guy figured out a way to have background images on the apps.

I have not tried it myself yet.

Html is officially not supported, so it might anytime disappear.


Too bad!

We had a discussion about this in another thread and used the same code, please be aware that the image you input will be automatically cropped to a certain size and won’t be a full one.

He has great idea and beautiful app. I hope you like it.

Great idea, thank you for sharing!

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Does anyone have a cheatsheet with markdowns to format images and colors etc?

I usually use this:

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Thanks @ThinhDinh. I’ll be using it as well.

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