Image Underlay

Hello Glide team.

First off, great work so far on this ever growing platform.

So here is my request, for the image component to be expanded in a way that allows for placing a full screen image under other components. Like a background wallpaper. Could this be done now using what we already have available, or not?

An example of what I currently have below:

I really believe this could be a useful feature as far a design is concerned.

Thanks for reading!

Good request!. As for a workaround, I don’t think there is one. All components are seem to be pretty linear and can’t be layered.

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@Carlos_DeSilva. I like the request.

You can do something to mimic a background picture by chopping up the picture and include an image of a button in the chopped up background

Have a look on this app


@david, @Mark, @JackVaughan, is this possible to do?

No. Not yet.

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Waiting patiently then. :grin:

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I’d like to think with the swanky new inline lists / tiles / text management we’re not too far away from a little image / icon / emoji on image overlay action. :smiley:

Topic closed, functionality is now in current builder