Back to top button possible?

Is it possible to create a “back to top” button maybe with some css magic?

Also, I’ve seen examples and I’ve been helped by some users here (thank you all, you are very useful and competent this IS a great community) with some rich text format code, like the last example that I might use is in the messaging app that @Drearystate and other power users are developing which is just fantastic, that keeps a text input ‘locked’ on the bottom part of the screen and lets the list scroll behind it.

The question is, I think I should just study css (I think it is css I read in other posts or am I confusing?) and it will generally help me or is there a specific branch of it that can be used in glide?

Thx in advance.

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I’ve looked into this. I don’t think it’s possible because back to top buttons usually involve JavaScript.

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It’s possible, and in fact I’ve done it in an app that I’m working on at the moment. Essentially what you do is create an action that momentarily hides all the components. It takes a bit of fiddling to get it right - especially if you have a lot of components on the screen - but it can be done.

You mentioned @Drearystate. I actually got the idea from Joe a few months back, so he gets the credit for it.


Interesting. do you use set columns with timestamps?

I’ve tried a few different ways.
In my Golf app, I do it that way, just setting a USC datetime column to 1 second in the future. It works, but it isn’t instant - so the user experience isn’t great. (I think the minimum resolution might be 5 sec, so how long it takes depends on where in that cycle you tap the button).

In another app I’ve been working on with @Santiago_Perez1, we got it working simply by toggling a user specific boolean off/on within an action sequence. It works great, and it’s instant. I haven’t figured out the exact “secret sauce” yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s tied to the complexity of the action sequence. ie. if you just try and toggle a boolean off/on in a two step sequence it won’t work - the off/on happens too quickly. But if the sequence is sufficiently complex, you can toggle off at the start of the sequence, then toggle back on at the end of the sequence. In our scenario, where it works perfectly, the sequence is:

  • Toggle off (Set Columns)
  • Show Notification
  • Add Row
  • Set Columns
  • Toggle on (Set Columns)
  • Increment

I suspect it’s probably the Add Row in there that injects just enough delay for the toggle off/on to take effect, but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

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I’ve been on vacation. But thank you sir for throwing credit my way :slight_smile:

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