Back From A Tab Stucks The Actions

I don’t know if this is a bug or what, when you are in an tab and you cam from another tab by an action go tab

So the action is the following

Go to tab form
then another action after some submissions will have Back

The whole automation will get stuck and back is not functioning

What is your use case here?

Go to activity tab add form details that is custom form then go back where you are

You only can come back from a screen, not from a tab.

The behaviour is not right, however even if it doesn’t work it should stop the actions from running as it gets stuck in the back action and the rest of the action won’t work

@Jason I don’t know if this by design or a bug

It is the default behaviour. When an action in the chain of actions gets stuck, next actions won’t run.

Can you share a screenshot of your chain of actions?