Back button on Computer view doesn't go back to main screen

If I go from a main tab (in the case, the Explore tab) into a new screen

(in this case, I head to a salon profile) And then fuss around, do some edits on the profile, and then try to head BACK to the main screen…

…it goes back to my editing screen (or whatever else I looked at) instead of back to the main Explore page

This doesn’t seem to happen in the mobile view.

How can I correct this?

How are you going back? Are you using the emulator back button?

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I’m using this back button

is that not correct?

If the last screen you looked at is an Edit screen, then that is the correct behaviour.

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In cases like that, I usually add a Back button or a breadcrumb to force the user to navigate using onscreen buttons. Using the browser back button is usually unpredictable, although users will always end up using it.