Avoiding duplicate "No results found" when Searching Multiple InLine Lists on One Screen

Hi all,

I have four inline lists on one screen with search enabled for all of them. This works great, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to avoid having four separate “No results found” when nothing turns up for the lists.

Similarly, if there are results for some, but not all of the inline lists, is there a way to not show the “No results found” image for the inline lists that don’t have anything showing up?

I’ve been playing around with the visibility function, but I’m having trouble figuring out the solution if there is one.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there is any way to suppress that message.

I think what I would do instead is use a custom filter. This will give you a bit more control. In many cases, you can even replace multiple inline lists with a single inline list. It just depends how your data is structured.

Are all 4 lists sourced from the same table, or separate tables?

Do these actually show up in the production app? I haven’t tested it in a while. I believe it only showed in the builder in the past.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy and @ThinhDinh@ThinhDinh was right; they don’t show up when you publish the app so no need for a custom solution at the moment.

That said, @Darren_Murphy, I’m curious how you replace multiple inline lists with a single inline list; might you have an example you could share? Would doing that allow for a mixed assortment of the items to show randomly (so the items aren’t grouped by the inline list it’s in?)

In this case, I have the sources coming from separate tables.

Appreciate it everyone!

If each list is sourced from a separate table, then it’s quite a bit more work to replace them with a single list. Possible, but probably not worth the effort it would take.


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