Available for copy: Newest form choice, progress bars & joined texts concept

I suppose you can do that with the right conditions for the rich text :thinking:

Hey @Manan_Mehta, How do you make sure it is out of sight?

Just use a filter condition on something that you know will never be true.

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Hey @Darren_Murphy, Wish you a very Happy Birthday! :blush:
Tried that but than Submit sign is enabled as the text entry is filtered out.

oh yeah… haha sorry, my bad. Didn’t think that one through :crazy_face:

Okay, so I guess what @Manan_Mehta is saying is if you put a Text Entry component at the bottom of the screen with no Title and no Placeholder, it will just appear as a horizontal line at the bottom, so users may not even notice it. You could set it to write to a dummy User Specific column, just in case somebody puts something in it.

Not a great solution, but would work.

Personally, I just prefer to create my own forms - then you don’t have this problem as you have more control. I suspect that if @ThinhDinh was to re-create this app now, he’d probably do the same thing :wink:


This is how I do the same thing now with Actions


Fully agree.

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Hey @ThinhDinh this is a super cool feature, I’d love to copy it if possible. Is this app still available? The link in the original post seems to be “not found.”

Would this join text feature work with check boxes or just text entry/choice components? I have users selecting check boxes for things that apply to them and am trying to find a way to display these choices gracefully.

I think I have deleted this a while ago, sorry for that inconvenience.

For your case, you can create:

  • A template column that holds the value “true”.
  • Make a relation of that template column to the user-specific boolean column.
  • Return the title of the checkboxes in a joined list column, in whatever format you prefer. I usually use a “new line” character.

Thanks so much, I’ll try that out :smiley:

I use the Joined List column in the examples here, if that helps.

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Hmm, I’ll read it closer later but I don’t think so…? I’m looking for an alternative way to display selections instead of what I have below, the check boxes are redundant if I can get it to just list the things selected. Unless I’m misunderstanding where you’re pointing to.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 3.57.09 PM

Below my list is a rich text component that is built from all of the items that were selected in the list.

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Sorry man, is the link not working?



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If you have any specific needs just leave a comment here, we’ll try to help.

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Oooh! I see what you’ve got there, that’s great. I’ll see if I can incorporate that list. I do like the clear all component as well. Thank you!


I emailed you about this Thinh
Let’s say I have 20 forms inside my app. Each form when completed adds up to 5% to a total 100% once all of the forms are complete. If I understand you correctly, let me know if this looks correct:

  • Add a Progress column and a Date Column to Each of 20 forms
  • When a form is submitted, increment the progress by 5
  • Create a rollup column which adds all of the individual forms progress, for an overall progress?

Does this make sense? I think i explained it better in the email I sent you…

Replied to your email :wink: Please check it and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you Thinh… much appreciated…

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