Availability of calculated data in shared tables

Lets say that we have a Glide table with data, like a list of projects, with entered data and additional calculated data ie profitability, ROA etc. It appears that the calculated values are not available if one shares the table in other apps. This would be a major issue. Is there a way to solve this?

That’s the way it works when you link tables - only non-computed columns are shared.
Each App that shares the table will have its own independent set of computed columns.

If you duplicate the App, then computed columns will also be duplicated, but that is just once - they will not be linked to the original App in any way.


Darren, thx for the quick response. We have seen some fantastic solutions in various videos, is there maybe a chance that there would a “smart” work around?

Not for this one, no.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want this functionality.
When I am linking a table to a 2nd (or 3rd) App, it’s usually because I want to use the same data in a different context for a different purpose. Which means that (most of) the computed columns I have in the first App won’t be useful in the 2nd or 3rd App. So I prefer that when a table is linked, I get just the data without all the extra computed column baggage that I don’t need.

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Ok Thx - I was really only interested if there is a solution.
As far your assessment of the merit of the need is concerned you seem to be exposed to different scenarios.
In an enterprise environment I do not want to have other apps interpret “some” data. I do want to make sure that there is a single interpretation ie single “source of truth”. The notion that every app that needs to see a project list would have to calculate the same ratios again…is just not realistic…

I just want to mention that computed columns are evaluated directly on the client device in most cases. They are almost never computed on the server. Think of computed columns like code that runs on top of a set of data. Computed column values are not data that’s stored in the table. They are computed temporarily on the end user’s device as needed.

So the “source of truth” statement is only true for the basic data that is actually stored in the tables. Although rare, small variances in computations could occur based on the device that is performing those calculations.

I guess if you wanted a workaround, you could change your flow a bit to use a Set Column action to write those computed values into basic columns after the computations have occurred. That way they would be available across all apps without having to re-establish the computed columns again.


Yes that could be a solution, we did not want to add the extra effort, but it sounds like there will have to be a data shadow/twin that will store calculated values. Interesting complication for a feature that seems to be available in DB solutions.

90% of the Apps I build are in an Enterprise environment.
As Jeff has pointed out, computed columns should in no way ever be considered as a “source of truth”. The source of truth is the raw data (the non-computed columns), and that is what is important.

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Yes I understand what you mean and again each of us has their own experience so I am not going down that path…

For us this is a simple technical question - can values that have been calculated within a scope of an app (and its tables) be shared by other apps - so far based on the feedback we are getting it is not.

To give you a simple example: In an enterprise environment you have several departments to deal with - say finance, project management, sales, purchasing and maybe production. Each of them may have a different scope - in our case there are more than 20 apps. However certain “logical objects” ie project or product maybe be shared by many or even all. There are apps that deal with quality issues, calculation topics etc. In each app (within its competency certain values are calculated. For instance a project may have a contribution margin, which would be determined with the financial scope/app because it has all the invoices etc. If a sales person wants to look up customer projects and their margin - it is just not realistic to assume that they are going to recalculate…