Automatically close the Onboarding form

I have been using the onboarding process, thanks to @Robert_Petitto 's videos and I notice that a high percentage of the users, about 20% will forget to click on the “Submit” button…

Using the current form method, is there a way to make the form automatically submit as soon as the required fields are entered by the User? Can we use the if-then-else?

Suggestions please.

Thank you.

No, I don’t believe that’s possible.
And even if it was, how would you know when the user is finished?
Let’s say one of your required fields is the Users Name.
How would you know when they’ve finished entering it?
What if they mistype and need to correct it before submitting?

My suggestion would be to:

  • make the Submit button highly prominent,
  • make it obvious that it needs to be tapped/clicked, and
  • make it impossible to proceed without doing so.

thanks @Darren_Murphy

I was thinking to use if-then-else to change the status of “Complete Profile” to “1” when all fields I wanted are keyed-in. This status change will allow users the full menu. If users need to change what they fill-up, I have allowed for Signed in User to edit their own profile.

I am just unsure if the variables will be submitted if the users do not press the submit button. I think maybe not.

the submit button i have will float in once fields are completed, but i still see people forget to press.

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Well, yes you could do that if you use an if-then-else column. It might be something like:

If name is empty: false
If image is empty: false
If some other required field is empty: false
Else: true

Depends on target columns of the input components.
If you’re writing directly to the columns, then I’d say yes.
But if you’re writing to temporary storage using User Specific Columns, then you need to “commit” the data to the appropriate columns with a set columns action.

What you could do is have a “nag” screen that only appears when the profile information is incomplete, that prompts users to finish off their profile - you can use tab visibility for that. Once they’ve done it, then they never see that tab/screen again.

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thanks. will monitor the current process and will try in future if still having high percentage of “abandoned” profile…i am using video now instruction video for users.

I believe the right approach is to show a Sign Up screen that writes directly to the fields in user profiles, then a button to increment a field that would serve as the condition to know whether they have completed the profile or not.

Using that column as the condition for tab visibility, it eliminates the possibility that a user has not completed their profile but still be able to access the main content.


@Mns_Glide Just so you know that the increment to 1 when uP is complete is not a requirement as such. We just find it very useful for doing a great many number of other things. But if you want to avoid your users forgetting to submit , why not use the button component at the bottom to get them to submit instead of the small print at the top…you can avoid it altogether by just setting the colum to register 1?

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@Wiz.Wazeer I think cannot avoid the Submit button when using form.
Thanks for your input.

Take a look ↓



wow this is nice