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I am building a lead generation app based on points system. So, for every leads purchased by the agents, their points will be deducted from their existing points that will be appointed to them every month. All of these are tabulated and solved. What I want to do next is,

For the section with the form, I want to ensure that once the categories are filled up, the points redeemed will be auto-tabulated and displayed below to show the users the total points redeemed. How do I go about it?

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Search for @Robert_Petitto’s gamified app tutorial and you’ll find your answer.

Do you need these tabulated results to be displayed before the form is submitted, or after?

before the form is submitted, because I want the users to know how much of points they are using.

Okay, in that case you will need to use a Custom Form.

The problem with native forms is that the input values are only written to the underlying table when the form is submitted, so you cannot access them to perform any calculations prior to that. With a custom form, the input values are written to user specific columns as they are entered, and so you can “do stuff” with them.

The general approach:

  • Create a details screen, and add whatever input components are required
  • Target each of the input components at a user specific column
  • Use those columns to do your calculations, and display the results
  • When the form is submitted (you’ll need to add your own submit button), take the values in the user specific columns and use them to create a new row using an Add Row action.

I tried doing this but I’m not sure if I am doing it right, because, I am not able to see any auto tabulation before submitting the form.

Okay. If you want help troubleshooting you’ll need to share some details - screen shots or a video that show how you’ve set it up.

so, this is the form. I want the total number of points to redeem based on the leads chosen to display below the quantity field, to show the user the amount of points they will redeem once the submission is done.


…tells me that you’re using a native form. As I already explained, that won’t work. You need to use a custom form. See below :arrow_down:

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