Autocomplete Location/Address Entry Component

I intentionally made this sample like that… so anybody can check it out without signing in, in real App it can operate on user specific columns combine with User profile column

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Exactly! Just clarifying the limitations of your brilliant development here.

Have you tested how long it would take for a user to get an address look up if tens or even hundreds of users were doing at the same time?

I have a real use case for this functionality, but I want to make sure that it’s feasible and doesn’t result in a poor user experience.

@Robert_Petitto no, i don’t have hundreds of users… lol

I did a little improvement… now is showing flag and currency!

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let me know if you don’t see your country flag, I’m still working on it. tnx…

@Uzo This looks awesome! Is there a way that we could get access to the script?

I have my users manually typing addresses and the manual address entries are often wildly inaccurate especially with them adding things like shop numbers and mall names. Would LOVE to give your approach a shot in my app.

Also, I wonder if the response could be faster if we force the result to be within a selected country?

I manage to cut response time to 5 seconds, this is the best possible interaction with Glide.

Hey man! Can you share the script used in your App?

which script? this app has lots of scripts…

Sorry.The script used in location. I couldn’t figure out how modify location and getting marked just by typing. Can you give me a hand?

This give me a good glimpse (How to add a custom function script to google spreadsheet from a script source | by Dan Liebeschutz | Medium) but I don know how to connect with maps component.

Thanks ahead!

this is a complex script plus lots of work to set it up in glide… I can help you but it wont be free

Nice man! Send me your offering

there is a donation tab :heart_decoration: at the bottom… make a donation minimum of $100 (or more) and I will respond to you with an email.

Possible now?
Fetch Column

what do you mean?

Ya…I guess it’s still not autocomplete…


nice!!! but it will give you unlimited calls??? interesting… who is giving API to public… google will not block that?

I haven’t been throttled yet. It uses openMaps I believe, not Google.

great work!.. only problem is Experimental Column… you cant make app template when using it…
and if more than one will use that site in the same time… it will keep fetched data?

I imagine so…uses a construct URL column that looks at a user specific column…haven’t tested it with multiple users though