Auto populate Identical Components on Adding and/ Editing a row

When we allow users to add a row to Google sheet (representing product, contact, etc.), we need to adjust the components that a user will see. For instance: Text component, email component, choice component.

The process is similar when we allow the users to edit the same content. It seems redundant that we have to first design the Add page and then redesign the Edit page.

I understand that in some cases we may not want the Add and Edit pages to appear same. However, it would be great to prepopulate these components on Edit Page. Its painful to have to identically redesign the two pages.

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+1, would allow me more time to do other things, having to design a form, an add and an edit page is sometimes too much for my liking, would be great if it can be “copied” over.

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Thanks for the +1 Thinh!

Glideapps team, it’s an important feature for people trying to make complex and multiple apps. Please don’t put it on the back burner.

A good solution would be giving a checkbox to the admin if he/she wants to copy the Add components to Edit screen for each tab.

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