Auto-Filling Date Fields


In light of the absence of an Only-Time field (without dates), I am wondering if it’s possible to fill one part of the field using the Date/Time picker, and have the Date part of all subsequent Date/Time Fields filled out, such that the user can only concern themselves with picking the Time?

How do you expect this to look like, and what date will the system have to add in?

My approach for time-only fields is to provide the user with a choice component that is tied to a column with time values in it (I have times every 15 minutes). It takes up about 48 rows (12hr clock with an AM/PM selection) or about 96 rows if you want to use the 24hr clock.

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I was thinking that for every form I have, or before I start the form, I indicate the date, and then have an excel formula that auto-fills all the date components inside the form. However, I couldn’t set that up in my case.