Auto assign task to users

In the current app that I am building, this person has requested that incoming tasks in the queue be assigned to users. I know this isnt done automatically with glide but I would love any feedback or ideas on how I can accomplish this.

Thanks in advance.

First, you’ll have to answer the questions, “how/in what circumstances are these tasks currently being assigned manually?”

The condition is to assign the task to the person who has not been assigned a task for the longest amount of time. So if I was assigned a task an hour ago but your last assignment was 3 hrs ago, you would get the next task.

This is doable. I imagine there being a sheet of all users with column that displays the date of the most recently assigned task from the log. In the form sheet, there would be rollup column that displays the oldest data and a lookup column of the user info that will be passed to the log when a new entry has been submitted. This should then update the values on the user sheet and thus change the rollup/lookup values.

This helped me think of some variations of how to set this up. Thank you.