Audit trails columns in every form - Added by, Added On, Edited By and Edited On

I add these fields in every form and configure them by deleting the existing text entries and adding special values/user profile values - is there a way to automate this process or make it more efficient?

The way you are doing it is the simplest way to do it.

What I find annoying is that sometimes it removes the config I have done and substitutes them with default Text Entry and Date Entry components - not sure when this happens though. So, I end up clicking through it many times.

Something doesn’t sound right.

Can you show me how these columns appear in the Glide Data Editor, and how you have configured the components that update them?

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Hi Darren,

Sorry I am coming back after a gap. I have forgotten where this problem happened. For now, let me close this and get back if I find this issue again. Thanks for your efforts to help newcomers like me, Darren. Have a nice day.

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