🤔 Audio Recording not populating its column (w/pic)


I have a Glide table with an Audio Record column. I set it to IMG because I didn’t see one for sound.

On the main screen it looks as if it’s recording and saving but it doesn’t show up. Am I missing a setting possibly?


It populates a URL to your column, so you can just have it as text. It doesn’t “show up”, because it’s not an image and Glide can’t render that.

Just so I’m clear:

To best utilize the audio record component, I should first create a column and mark it URL and point it, correct?

In my case, there isn’t even a URL showing up in the IMG column. I was expecting some type of evidence the file is there. No?

Also, while the audio is recording, is there a way to have some type of visual add to show that the recording is in progress? Like dots or something blinking?


I explained that above. The image column expects an image URL for it to render the image in your view. It’s not an image, so obviously nothing’s showing up.

You can convert it to a text column to see if it works. No need to create a new column.

It is built in to the audio record component, if I recall right.


I switched my column from IMG to URL and the link you described populated. It was blank in the screen capture, so thank you for that.

As far as what it does while recording, nothing is happening on my end that’s why I posted here. I didn’t see anything about it in the archives.

Thanks for the reply!


Shouldn’t this be enough?

While it’s recording, nothing happens. So the user can’t tell that it’s recording. I was hoping there was something that could be added.

Well maybe a timer can be more helpful in showing the user that the recording function is live? Maybe here’s a feedback you can consider @Ivo_Elbert .

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How can i add a timer? I definitely would use that!

I mean it’s what I would love to have, not a feature that they currently have.

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Got it! I was watching a video with the founder and on his recording nothing blinked or happened while it was recording. So glad to see its not just ME lol