Assigning a category from a list of categories

Assume i have a Things table and a Category table. Category has a unique name, stored in column “name”. Things relate to their category with a column “category name”.

Assume i navigate to a things detail editor page. I want to allow the user to change the category of the currently displayed thing. I could create a text entry element and link it to the “category name” field. But that solution is prone to typos. Instead, I want to show a list of all categories. And if the user selects one category from the list, its name shall be assigned to the “category name” field. But from an inline list of categories, I cannot modify the “category name” of the displayed thing. I can create and trigger an action on the selected category. But there is no entry “this screen” in the drop-down of things to change.

Any ideas how to allow user to assign a category from a list of categories?

If you open an edit screen from your Things details screen, you should be able to add a choice component, target it at your Category Name column, and use the Category table (Name) as the source.


I tried it, works smoothly :grinning:. Thanks!

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