Assign the same request to several companies

Hi everyone, I ask for advice on how to assign the same request to several companies. I am developing a platform that connects clients who want to renovate their homes with construction companies. Now the customer decides how many companies can contact him and every time the company downloads the request he finds it in the downloaded requests, now I can assign it to a single company but I would like it to be assigned to several companies.

What I would do is have the client select from a list of companies. You can use a choice component set to allow multiple choices. When a client makes their selections, it will save a comma delimited list of companies in the user row. Then you can create a Split Text column to split that comma delimited list into an array of companies. Then in the Companies table, create a multiple relation that links the company name to the company array in the client table. Then create an inline list on the company screen that uses the relation column as its source. This way, a company can see a list of all clients, and you won’t have to update each company row with client information.


thanks for the advice this may be interesting but I should be able to send an email to the selected companies to inform them that a customer has contacted them. Another thing I should do so that the customer sees the companies of his city. However, I would prefer to keep that companies select the requests uploaded to the platform.

Assuming you take the approach by Jeff, the value you select in the choice component can be emails of those companies, then when you press a button to add the request, you trigger a webhook to Integromat/Zap in Zapier to send the email to those email addresses.

If you have a City column in your Companies table, you can ask users to provide their City in their onboarding process and use that to filter/create a relation for displaying in an inline list.