Assign tasks

Is it possible to assign tasks to users within a glide app and for the given tasks to show up on that specific users app dashboard? Trying to figure this thing out.

I’m not an expert. I don’t fully get what you mean by “assign tasks”

However, you’re likely looking for info on user specific columns.

  • Check the Glide documentation.
  • @Robert_Petitto also has youtube videos covering / demystifying user specific settings

fyi - I’m not experienced / skilled enough to offer much more help. If you need more detailed help, you may want to include a screen shot.

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Thanks, basically team management functionality. I can create to-dos for my team members.

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@Daniel_Lof certainly is doable!

I made you a video:


Awesome! Thanks man!

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My pleasure! Should get the ball rolling. Please do draw on our talented experts if you get stuck :rocket:

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Yes. Assigning tasks as an admin is fairly easy. You can create a log of tasks or you can be fancy and use the trebuchet method.

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