Assign courses to users


I just started building an e-learning app. I’m struggling with assigning courses to users as admin.
So everyone who log-in with email needs to see two standard courses but as admin I want to assign additional courses to specific users in the backend.

Context; customers of our training programs need to get access to the specific course. People who are not customer are also allowed to install the app but they only see some general information about our company and the products we offer.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

If you don’t have too many users, I would add a column to store “assigned emails”, then add a multiple-choice component to choose as many users as you need to write their emails to that column.

You would also have a boolean column to mark which courses are “standard” and can be seen by everyone.

Then, in the screen where you show them courses, add this filter to show courses if:

Standard boolean is TRUE


Assigned emails includes signed-in user’s email.

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