Asking for advice in the slack template-makers channel

I’ve been asking for advices in the slack template makers channel for a while.
I’m just wondering if the channel is still alive?
Tks alot !

It’s probably better to ask questions here.
I saw your template and it looks VERY good.


Yes, we’re up all day long here to help. :joy: :relaxed:

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OK thank you! My case below :wink:
I have been working hard since a few month on a template for ZZP’ers (freelance) in the Netherlands (quite a niche). It’s a template which help freelance to have an overview of their business key figures (Income, Expenses, VAT…). I tried to use as much as possible the Glide data editor but there is still many formulas in the GSheet.I have read in the following template store Guidelines: “Use super clean Google Sheets (i.e. clear formatting, functions/formulas computed in Glide’s data editor as opposed to the Google Sheet)”.
But In my case the possibility of updating your app via the GSheet is a real plus for users. Even if it is possible via the app, some people prefer to use the GSheet directly to do their accounting, which means that some formulas need to be in the GSheet. And by the way it’s also part of my commercial message (Gsheet + App).

My question is quite simple :wink: Do you think my template could be accepted on the template store despite the Gsheet formulas included?
Tkx a lot for your thoughts!

Here is the glide app link (still in progress):

@PlanetZero visually beatiful. You have done a really good job.

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@PlanetZero That is some gorgeous app. Well done :muscle:t2:

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I don’t think that should be a big problem, as long as you don’t have any third party integration and you provide a good explanation of your app in the attached video when you submit, then you’re good to go.

Well done!

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#scrolling #bugs

Have you experienced a scrolling issue as well?

I went to @PlanetZero’s ZZP app. Added it to screen. Browsed through the app quite a bit: scrolled on screens, navigated to different tabs, looked at other screens in the menu.

Without closing ZZP, I went to other apps: WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Glide Community.

I then returned to the ZZP app: most features in the app behaved normally (tab navigation, add new item, filter, search, hamburger menu).

Scrolling, however, was totally frozen.

Has anyone else experienced this? On ZZP or another app.

(I searched the forum some and didn’t find any recent mention of scrolling problems. Forcing close on the app and relaunching resolved the problem. I’m on Android, latest OS version.)

Tks for the feedback. I’ve just tried to redo the above scenario you described. No problem at all everything is working well, scrolling as well. I’m on iOS latest version. But i’ll certainly try on Android asap!
Tks again :+1:

@PlanetZero By any chance, in the past 30 minutes have you been working on the app in the Glide Builder?

yep! :wink: it might be the problem.